Discover the Amazing History of Thai Massage

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Throughout the years, Thai Massage has become an increasingly famous treatment in almost every corner of the world. From the most lavish and acclaimed spas in Paris and New York to the inexpensive massage parlours scattered across the streets of Calcutta, Bangkok and Bangladesh, Thai massage is almost always on the menu.

The roots of Thai Massage can be traced back to more than one millennia before Christ. Being regarded as one of the oldest healing arts in our world, Thai massage appeared when the expansion of Buddhism spread from India to Thailand, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Even though there is a debate about who was the actual originator of this type of massage, most people believe that a monk called Komparaj was the first person to develop this technique. This famous monk is believed to be a personal physician to Buddha himself.

Originally, Thai massage was designed for healing purposes. Only recently it has grown in popularity for its relaxation purposes. This type of massage has also receive a strong Chinese influence, from both traditional and ayurvedic Chinese medicine. Thai massage is also regarded as one of the main branches of traditional Thai medicine.

In a nutshell, Thai massage is a healing technique that involves deep stretching exercises combined with vigorous massage, either on a mat or on a firm mattress. This technique differs from any other massage procedure by using the body’s energy line system, also known as Sen lines. These lines correspond to the Chinese acupuncture points.

Thai massage aims to provide a deep level of relaxation in order to restore blood circulation, remove energy blockages, improve dysfunctional organs, help patients overcome tension, stress and even paralysis. Thai massage helps your whole body to relax and unwind, making you become stronger and enabling you to live each day at its fullest.

Krajang Thai Home Spa – Bringing Thailand Near your Home

Thailand is famous for its nickname “Land of Smiles”. In order to experience this beautiful name right from the comfort of your city, we at Krajang Thai Homespa have brought a bit of Thailand right in the heart of New Zealand. Thanks to our exquisite attention to details combined with our desire to help our clients make the most out of what Thai massage has to offer, we have created a spa that can enrich your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual senses.

Krajang Thai Homespa is the place where you can enjoy a truly authentic traditional thai massage Lower Hutt experience. We offer a wide range of services, from sports massage and reflexology to hot stone massage and Thai massage. We also offer a complete set of packages, such as facials and waxing, to meet and even exceed all of our clients’ needs.

Whenever you are in for a unique spa experience or you want to enjoy the thrill of an original Thai massage performed by a Thai masseur, Krajang Thai Home Spa stays at your disposal with hospitality, pride and respect for the Thai tradition. With us, a massage Lower Hutt will never be the same.


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